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1 Simple tip to help you meditate

You’ve tried meditation and it didn’t work!

I hear that all the time from clients who find it difficult to relax.  Their mind is often buzzing constantly, cramming information in, rushing around all day, doing too many things at once.  The list can go on but one thing to realise is that we we never designed to operate at full mental speed 24/7, and in this modern world we are bombarded with information non stop.  You already know I expect that meditation can be an amazing self help strategy for Anxiety, Stress and can help reduce the fear of Panic Attacks, but somwhow no matter how hard you try it you simply can’t seem to do it.

A simple tip to help you get in “The Zone”

When I first started meditating I could not relax. I thought I just couldn’t “do it”.  Meditation was something entirely “woo woo” or for those that possessed a special talent.   Then I met someone who meditated daily and after he gave me one special tip I really got it!

Let it go!

What he told me was so simple to understand and to integrate into my attempts to relax and meditate, and the steps are simple…

  • Everyone has intrusive thoughts when they begin to relax or meditate.  It’s a natural brain activity where the conscious mind is concentrating on everyday thoughts while you are trying to engage the sub-conscious, the part of the mind that is creative and imaginative.

  • Do not try to fight the conscious thoughts, just do something simple with them.  When you close your eyes allow the imagination to transport you to a favourite place, maybe a mountain, or beach, or a beautiful garden.  As you begin to let go you get the first bothersome thought   “what will I make for dinner tonight” or ” XXXXXXXXX” (you fill in the blanks).

Realise that everyone has intrusive thoughts when they begin to relax or meditate.


  • As soon as you have that thought just acknowledge it’s there, then imagine it floating in as an object, from the right or left of you, in the place where you are relaxing in your imagination.

  • Just note it in your mind, tell it you will deal with it later and imagine it floating off  into the distance until it becomes just a dot on the horizon.  Now just allow your thoughts to return to the scene, fill your senses with the sights, sounds, and feelings of that magical place.  Do this with every thought that intrudes and soon, with practice, they will almost instantly float away, leaving you to drift ever deeper into that place that will bring you so much relaxation, rejuvenation and well being!

If you try this 1 simple tip to help you meditate we would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment so that others may share your experience.

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