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Specialist Misophonia Therapist - Alan Artt


Alan Artt
Misophonia Specialist
Clinical Hypnotherapist
BWRT Adv. Practitioner
WSN Coach

I specialise in helping people with Misophonia and also work with many clients who are experiencing Stress, Anxiety, Unresolved Grief, trauma and other issues.

As a certified practitioner in Sequent Repatterning Therapy (SRT) I work with Misophonia clients in UK and international clients via secure video conferencing.  

I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2006 and have added several other therapies to my therapy “toolkit” including Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) and WSN Counselling and Coaching.  Having a range of therapies to draw on allows me to tailor the therapy to you and gives you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Online Therapy Explained

Online therapy - As easy as 1...2...3...

Online therapy your first session

Whether you need online therapy help for MisophoniaAnxiety, Stress, Emotional Problems, Past Trauma or some other issue specialist help is available now, and it is a simple process to set up. 

1. Let’s chat
Just call or message me and I will set up a FREE Consultation at a time convenient to you. You get the chance to ask questions and we can discuss the best options for your online therapy treatment.
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2. Book an online therapy session

I can offer you dates and times that are flexible, including evenings and weekend appointments. Whether you are at home or away from home all you need is a broadband connection.

3. Your first online therapy session

We make a video connection using Zoom or the VSee videoconferencing platforms. We can talk and do all our therapy work together just as if we were meeting face to face. I have found online therapy to be just as effective as face to face therapy.

Contact me today and receive a free in-confidence consultation.

Am I the right Therapist for you?

That's a great question and one that is important to answer!

To get the best from therapy you need to develop trust and confidence in your therapist.  Rapport is also a two way thing which is why a FREE CONSULTATION is so important.  We get to meet each other and you get a chance to ask any questions about therapy, all of which helps to determine if we are a good fit for your therapy journey.  When you are choosing a therapist it is also vital to check that the therapist is properly trained and is a member of a professional therapy organisation.   You may read about my training, qualifications and membership details here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Therapy as effective as working Face to Face with a therapist.

In the past Face to Face was the preferred way of working or by telephone, but now with fast Broadband and new technology Online Therapy for misophonia and other issues is every bit as effective, as you are virtually working face to face.   It can be a particularly effective solution for those who suffer from Anxiety or Stress, or are unable to travel due to disability or where travelling may make their anxiety or stress worse.  I have worked with quite a few clients who have told me that having therapy available in their surroundings was the best choice they had ever made.

Are you Qualified?

Yes, I certainly am.  I am a professional therapist and member of  the NCIP.  The organisation has a strict code of ethics and requires members to undertake regualr supervision and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  You may read more about me here.

How long have you been in Practice?

I have been in practice since 2006 and have worked with people from many different backgrounds and age groups.  I take an eclectic and non-judgemental approach to therapy allowing you to feel safe to express your feelings and emotions in a caring and secure environment. 

How can I book a session?

Just click the button below and book a consultation with me.   Other information can be also found on the Practice Information page.

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The unconscious mind works without your knowledge
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Milton H Erickson