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Misophonia Therapy - The Sequent Repatterning Programme

sequent repattrning therapy for misophonia
Sequent Repatterning Therapy for Misophonia

Misophonia Therapy. 
Sequent Repatterning Therapy (SRT) was created specifically to treat people with misophonia.
  Developed in the United Kingdom by Chris Pearson and implemented in 2014 the therapy has now become more widely available. 


My Sequent Repatterning Training

Having completed one to one training with Chris, as a certified SRT practitioner I am pleased to be able to offer this effective therapy as a professionally qualified misophonia therapist. I work with Teenage and Adult misophonia clients both in UK and internationally, via the secure VSee Medical Video conferencing platform, or by Zoom.  Below you will find a brief description of this neuropsychological treatment for misophonia.

Alan Artt - Certified SRT Practitioner

Sequent Repatterning Therapy for misophonia - Overview

Sequent repatterning is a therapy for misophonia based on a framework.  Sequent Repatterning Therapy (SRT) is not set in stone, nor does it follow a rigid  treatment protocol, rather it is a series of sequential interventions, tailored to suit every client.  Hypnotherapy for misophonia, psychotherapy, EFT, Mindfulness , NLP are just some of the therapeutic interventions that may be utilised within the SRT framework of treatment for misophonia.  No two people who have misophonia have the same experiences, therefore it is important to be able to choose the correct “tools” from the therapy toolbox to suit you.

Distinct Elements

The SRT framework can be divided into 3 distinct elements:

Pre-therapy Phase.  After the initial contact we meet to carry out a detailed analysis and assessment of your misophonia disorder, using a specially developed misophonia test and assessment questionnaire.  We determine amongst other things, what is misophonia, the extent of the condition, misophonia causes, triggers or cues that affect you, intensity, coping strategy etc. 
Foundation Phase. 
In this phase we begin building a foundation upon which the rest of the therapy will be based.  We establish a working relationships which includes an introduction to the therapy and sets the path for future therapy sessions. 

Therapy Phase.  SRT consist of a series of interlinked sessions given sequentially so that each one builds on the work of the previous session, hence the term “Sequent” meaning linked together in a planned sequence .  Generally a session is around 1 hour and the SRT treatment programme is a minimum of 8 sessions but may may exceed the 8 sessions depending on your needs.  No two people are the same and their progress and development are not subject to a rigid structure.

What is Repatterning?  The word “repatterning” deserves some explanation.  It is almost certainly the case that your brain originally created the pattern with a good intention albeit in a way that is now causing you distress.   SRT does not seek to replace that existing pattern in the brain that is the source of your misophonia disorder, because in doing so it would leave the old dormant pattern there, with the risk of re-activation in the future.  Instead we work together to rewrite the misophonia pattern that activates your emotional responses.  

 “The unconscious mind works without your knowledge, that is the way it prefers”

Milton Erickson

Unconscious learning

Of course all of this takes place at an unconscious level and it is at the unconscious level that we modify the pattern that has been causing your emotional distress.  We do this by using a well proven technique called memory re-consolidation, effectively using your brain’s natural process and plasticity to bring about the changes required.  This process is unique to every person undergoing Sequent Repatterning Therapy, is a totally personal experience and a journey of discovery and transformation.  Your brain is also a sum of many parts, and sometimes even well meaning parts can be in conflict with others.  During the SRT programme we endeavour to achieve harmony with the parts that go to make up you as a unique individual, so every part of you is better prepared to create the future you desire.

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