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Client Testimonials and Reviews

All client testimonials and reviews are genuine and provided here with written permission of the client.  Some locations and /or names may be changed to preserve client confidentiality.

client testimonials and reviews -sarah
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Sarah reviews her experience of Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) which she received online.

Kind words from past clients

General Anxiety (GAD) Social Phobia & Self Esteem

“Hi Alan, I had four sessions with you and what can I say. Right from the first session I noticed significant changes. I have since moved home, changed jobs and am performing well and even looking at promotion already. My personal relationships have improved too. The therapy has literally changed my life for the better and the speed of these changes has been incredible, virtually instant. I wanted to email you to thank you for your efforts, I feel I have my life back and I can now reach my true potential.
John C

Persistent cough with a psychological origin

” I have had this annoying cough since getting pneumonia four and a half years ago, the doctors and surgeons at the hospital have said there is nothing else they can do to help it. I would cough for no apparent reason during the day, so my wife suggested I try hypnotherapy as a last resort. I made an appointment to see Alan Artt, who then checked with my GP. who said go for it you have nothing to loose. After going to see Alan he suggested instead a new treatment called BWRT. After one session , I found that the nuisance cough had completely disappeared, this was just four weeks ago, and I am still nuisance cough free. But I am still able to clear my throat and lungs which you must be able to do”. Thank you so much.

Jaw & Teeth Clenching

“Hi Alan, Just to let you know I haven’t clenched at all so hoping I won’t go back to it. I’m still thinking about it a lot consciously but then that’s because I’m so used to the pain now, but every time I catch myself thinking about it I remember my happy places that we created and I switch the thoughts so I am gradually forgetting all about it.” Thanks again for everything.

Moderation of alcohol consumption

Hi Alan, Thanks for the session last week, it was really interesting.  Here’s what happened: Friday night we went to dinner with friends.  I felt in control, turned down a few drinks and rounded the evening with a decaf while everyone was piling into the spirits or more wine. Saturday, I had a couple of drinks (literally 2) and found it really easy to say I had had enough.  I feel different and the hunger (because that’s what it was) seems to have gone. Right now I feel that one session has done the trick, which is fantastic. Many Thanks.

All the client testimonials and reviews shown above are from clients who underwent BWRT, Hypnotherapy or WSN Counselling and Coaching.  Each therapy can be used stand-alone or combined (in separate sessions) to deliver the best outcome for a client based on their goals and wishes. 

Every client has their own individual needs and life experiences and which is usually already present in their make up, but often has been suppressed by limiting self beliefs, trauma, abuse (verbal, physical or sexual) and many other external factors.  The reward for me is to see them change and grow into the unique human being they want to be, realise their true purpose in life and enjoy it to the full.